Our Services
We are a leading destination and hotel marketing organization in India. We have a proven track record of helping leading brands achieve success in India. We offer a broad spectrum of services to our clients that we represent.
Travel Trade
Beautiful Planet has excellent relationships with the travel trade which are consistently leveraged for the benefit of our clients. Our nationwide network and industry knowledge helps us address the entire country efficiently and effectively.
Partnerships, Promotions and Co-op Marketing
We identify key travel trade for partnerships, promotions, co-operative marketing. We influence their marketing strategy for developing new and innovative programmes. We design India specific brochures to include appropriate tourism products and experiences.
Road shows
Beautiful Planet organises and conducts road shows in key cities all over India. We also generate publicity before and after road shows for our clients. Road shows, over the years, have given us tremendous momentum for launches and key promotions.
Training Programmes
Beautiful Planet conducts professional training programmes for the travel trade’s senior management and frontline staff to ensure that we achieve our business goals. The training familiarises the travel trade with the destination and keeps them abreast with visa requirements, special destination offers and interesting destination festivals and events. We facilitate interactions that open channels of communication between the seller and the supplier. This provides more clarity on the product and the market.
Familiarisation Visits
Beautiful Planet has a healthy working relationship with the outbound travel trade across India. This ranges from major players in the field to mid-size and small operators. Beautiful Planet uses familiarisation trips as a powerful educational tool to give the travel trade a first-hand experience of the products being marketed. Our strong partnerships with airlines, accommodation chains, attractions and other travel related services often lead to co-sponsorships of these familiarisation trips. Our polite yet persistent post-visit follow-up ensures that our business objectives are achieved as promised.
Beautiful Planet has the expertise in planning and delivering online and offline events on behalf of our clients
Media Events
Beautiful Planet has organized media events to promote destinations.
Trade Events
Beautiful Planet plans and participates in international and domestic travel trade events on behalf of our clients.