E Marketing
Content Marketing
Develop specific India based content to inspire frequent visitors to our websites
With the internet consumption going portable/ mobile internet users in India we develop accessible and diverse content that will engage consumers in multiple ways
Localise website content to appeal to the interest of our target market
Update and engage consumers using new content that resonates with the Indian audience
Offers from travel industry on our clients Indian variant sites
Content on the website area always repurposed into social media execution via Facebook and Twitter
Digital Campaigns
We plan and conceptualize digital campaigns and develop reporting matrices to track deliverables of the campaign
We work with digital partners to cover all digital touch-points through search marketing, media banners, e-zines, social media activation and more.
Social Media Handles
Social Media – FB & Twitter management for our clients.
Tourism Ireland – Over 153,000 fans and 700 twitter followers
Visit Victoria – Over 639,700 fans
Trinidad and Tobago - Over 26,000 fans and 2130 twitter followers
Social Media Campaigns
Social media campaigns to promote T&T during the T20 World Cup, Game of Thrones in Ireland and more
Website Management & Ezines
Ezines to consumers and trade
Website management
Update and engage consumers
Publish special offers from Irish Country Club members, UK Inbound operators and Indian tour operators